Stator Cores

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Stator Core

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. builds stator cores for use in the stators and motors we build, or to ship to you for your stator/motor building production. We can source lamination stampings for you, or build using yours provided to us on consignment. We offer glue bonding or TIG welded stator cores.

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Stator Core Capabilities

Lamination Material
AISI M19/M43/M45/M54
ASTM A677/A343/M47
Core Plating Material
Bonding Material MagnaTac E645®
Scotchcast 265®
Stator Diameter Up to 48 Inch
Secondary Services
ID Cleaning & Honing
Stator OD Grinding
Stator OD Turning
Part Quantities Batches up to 1,000 pieces
Samples are available for expected production runs
Lead Time 4-8 weeks
Equipment Welders (GTAW (TIG), MIG)
Quality Assurance Dimensional Verification using calipers, mics, indicators
Glue bonding verified via pull and concentration testing
Industries Served
Generator Manufacturers
Machine Manufacturers
Motor Manufacturers
Pump Manufacturers
AS9100:2009 Rev C
Hobart Welding Institute Certified GTAW
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered

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