Rotor & Shaft Assemblies

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Rotor & Shaft Assemblies

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. manufactures a variety of rotor and shaft assemblies and subassemblies from rotors and shafts made in-house or supplied to us on consignment. We can cold-press shafts into rotors, heat shrink hot rotors onto cold shafts.

We have the finest OD grinding capability and experience, and can hold ± .0001" tolerances using our Studer S33 OD Grinder.

Ramco also uses Schenck balancing equipment on our close tolerance work.

All assemblies and subassemblies are inspected by our FARO ARM Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), as well as other high quality gauging.

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Rotor & Shaft Assembly Capabilities

Mechanical Services
Precision Grinding
Rotor & Shaft Balancing
Rotor Shaft Cold Pressing
Rotor Shaft Heat & Freeze Shrink
Rotor Turning
Ultra Cleaning
Length (Grinding) Up to 39 Inch
Diameter (Grinding) Up to 13.75 Inch
Tolerance (Grinding) ± .0001"
Diameter (Turning) Up to 29 Inch
Tolerance (Turning) ± .00025"
Rotor & Shaft Balancing Down to 0.0002 in-oz per plane
Down to balance grades of G1.0 and weights up to 650 lbs
Part Quantities Batches up to 1,000 pieces
Samples are available for expected production runs
Lead Time 4-8 weeks
Balancers - Schenck, BalanceStar, Hoffman
Blue M Oven
Center Lapper
Filtered Parts Washing System with Particle Count Monitoring
Horizontal Broach
Hurco VM20 Machining Vertical Machining Center
Lathes (Multiple)
Miller Syncrowave 250 DX Welder
Mills (Multiple)
Okuma Captain L470BBM
Presses (Multiple)
Rotor Annealer
Shaft Straightener
Studer S33 Grinder
Sunnen Hone
Turning Centers - Okuma Captains
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Quality Assurance Precise Dimensional Verification using FARO CMM, calipers, mics, indicators
Industries Served
Generator Manufacturers
Machine Manufacturers
Motor Manufacturers
Pump Manufacturers
Compliance AS9100:2009 Rev C
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered

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