Quote Process

How it works:

  • We look forward to working with you. To start the process please call or email Ryan Beisner, Account Manager, via sales@ramcoem.com
    Ryan Beisner
    Account Manager
  • Exchange signed NDA / PIA
  • Submit formal RFQ including:
    • Is this part industrial/commercial, military, or aerospace?
    • Do you have a design, and are prints available?
    • What is the application?
    • What program/airframe is this used on?
    • Is this part flight critical?
    • At what stage is this part within the life of the Program?
    • Are these parts in production elsewhere? If so, why are you deciding to possibly source with us?
    • Does lamination tooling exist? If so, where is it located? If not, would you like us to source the tooling for you?
    • When are sample parts required?
    • When do you expect production to ramp up?
    • What are the estimated annual volumes?
    • What is your target price? (to determine the size and scope of the job)
  • Ramco project manager contacts customer to discuss the RFQ
  • Ramco submits ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) Quote
  • ROM discussion
  • Ramco submits detailed, firm quote
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