High Density RAMCAST Rotors

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Ramco Electric Motors, Inc.'s proprietary casting process PDFRAMCAST PAPER (PDF - 1.90MB), was developed especially for aerospace and other applications that demand ultra high quality rotor castings. We designed the process, designed a custom machine to carry out the process, and built the machine in-house. We are the only company in the world with this process.

The benefits of casting rotors with the RAMCAST process include:

  • Ultra low porosity (compared to conventionally-cast rotors) - dense castings
  • Tighter dimensional tolerances
  • Structurally sound cast end rings allow motors to run at higher speeds
  • Higher Efficiency Rotors
  • Lower Stray Load Losses

Rotor Secondary Operations:

  • Rotor ID Honing, ID Boring
  • Rotor OD Machining or Grinding
  • Rotor Keyway Broaching - We broach keyways up to 12" long in 280 frame rotors in a single pass on our 90" Horizontal Colonial Broaching Machine.
  • Rotor Annealing - This process is commonly known to the industry - heating the rotor core up and water quenching it and breaking the rotor bars away from the steel. This process creates a more efficient rotor!
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RAMCAST Copper Rotors
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Contact Ramco for more information about achieving the highest quality rotor castings using RAMCAST.

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High Density RAMCAST Rotor Capabilities

Various Alloys at your request
Outside Diameter Up to 20 Inch
Cast Alloy Weight Up to 18 lbs of Copper
Up to 50 lbs of Aluminum
Secondary Services
Annealing (Baking & Flame)
ID Honing
Keyway Broaching
Part Quantities Batches up to 1,000 pieces
Samples are available for expected production runs
Lead Time 4-8 weeks
Electric Crucible Furnace (600 Lb. Capacity)
Induction Heater
RAMCAST Rotor Casting Press
Quality Assurance Casting density on samples measured using destructive testing and x-ray photography
Conductivity verified as required
Dimensional Verification using calipers, mics & indicators
Process can be locked on a per part basis
Industries Served
Generator Manufacturers
Machine Manufacturers
Motor Manufacturers
Pump Manufacturers
Compliance AS9100:2009 Rev C
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered
Cross Section Cross Section
X-ray of rotor end ring revealing a casting nearly free of porosity

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