Conventional Die Cast Rotors

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Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. has cast over a million and a half die cast rotors in a niche business in 22 years. Using THT vertical rotor die cast presses, we cast open or closed slot lamination stacks for our conventional die cast rotors. We closely monitor our furnaces to ensure correct alloy conductivity.

Rotor Secondary Operations:

  • Rotor ID Honing, ID Boring
  • Rotor OD Machining or Grinding
  • Rotor Keyway Broaching - We broach keyways up to 12" long in 280 frame rotors in a single pass on our 90" Horizontal Colonial Broaching Machine.
  • Rotor Annealing - This process is commonly known to the industry - heating the rotor core up and water quenching it and breaking the rotor bars away from the steel. This process creates a more efficient rotor!
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Conventional Die Cast Rotors
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Conventional Die Cast Rotors

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Conventional Die Cast Rotor Capabilities

Various Alloys at your request
Outside DiameterUp to 10 Inch
WeightUp to 30 lbs of Aluminum
Keyway Length12 Inch
Keyway Width1/2 Inch
Keyway Depth1/4 Inch
LengthUp to 18 Inch
Secondary Services
Annealing (Baking & Flame)
ID Honing, ID Boring
Keyway Broaching
Part QuantitiesBatches up to 1,000 pieces
Samples are available for expected production runs
Lead Time4-8 weeks
Equipment100 Ton THT Vertical Die Cast Press
1000 Lb. Capacity Gas Fired Schaefer Aluminum Melt Furnace
50 Ton THT Vertical Die Cast Press
600 Lb. Capacity Gas Fired Schaefer Aluminum Melt Furnace
Induction Heater
OSI Post Cast Heat Treat Oven
Quality AssuranceCasting density on samples measured using destructive testing and x-ray photography
Conductivity verified as required
Dimensional Verification using calipers, mics & indicators
Process can be locked on a per part basis
Industries Served
Generator Manufacturers
Machine Manufacturers
Motor Manufacturers
Pump Manufacturers
ComplianceAS9100:2009 Rev C
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered

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