Armatures & Field Yokes

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DC Armatures & Field Yokes

Ramco Electric Motors, Inc. builds brush-type armatures and field yokes, including machining and assembling components. We assemble the stack, insulate, wind, solder, undercut, dip & bake, turn and balance armatures. We can also wind, tape and dip & bake field coils, then assemble them with pole shoes to make up field yokes.

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Armatures & Field Yoke Capabilities

Size Sub fractional to 12" Diameter
Mechanical Services
Armature Balancing
Coil Winding
Dip & Bake
Stack Assembly
Part Quantities Batches up to 1,000 pieces
Samples are available for expected production runs
Lead Time 4-6 weeks
ABLE Armature Winder
CHAPMAN Armature Winder
Coil Wrapper
Heald ID Grinder
Undercutter - Commutator
Quality Assurance
AC/DC Hipot Test
Dimensional Verification using calipers, mics, indicators
Growl Check
Megohm Test
Resistance Test
Industries Served
Generator Manufacturers
Machine Manufacturers
Motor Manufacturers
Pump Manufacturers
Compliance AS9100:2009 Rev C
ISO 9001:2008
ITAR Registered

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